Elenbaas Atelier is a fine leather workshop and design studio.

Both the design and production process take place in the workshop of Elenbaas Atelier, situated in the south of Rotterdam. All products are handmade in the workshop. A great deal of attention is devoted to all of the objects in terms of craftsmanship, leather quality, hardware and supplies. Reliable suppliers who offer constant quality are therefore of great importance to the atelier. Marleen Elenbaas (founder) selects leather in various colours and in limited quantities. This means that every designed object is made from a specific combination of leather and colour and is therefore unique. 

Over the years, Marleen Elenbaas developed a minimalistic and sophisticated language for her designed objects. They show the essence of shape, colour, material and craftsmanship. For more information on materials and the creative process, please visit the WORKSHOP page.


A series of limited edition objects developed by Elenbaas Atelier. The collection is expanded occasionally with new designs and colours.

Custom-made objects created by Elenbaas Atelier that were designed upon personal or business request.

Designed objects placed in context. The depicted environments ascribe meaning to the objects and show the perspective of Elenbaas Atelier.

Proud to be working with:
Adriaan van der Ploeg - www.millionbillionzillion.com
Dana Romina - www.danaromina.de
Pim Top - www.pimtop.com
Raffaella Huizinga - www.raffaellahuizinga.nl

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