The angular shape of the flap of the clutch is striking. This angle has become the signature of elenbaas atelier


Handcrafted in Rotterdam

production time 1-2 weeks
Dimensions height 19 cm, width 27 cm, depth 5 cm
Strap removable and adjustable, length 95 - 120 cm
Hardware solid bras (nickel plated or gold plated)
Color optionally

There is an extra zipper compartment inside. The strap can be attached to the rings next to the compartment. The clutch can be worn in different ways: with or without the strap and long or short by adjusting the strap.

A one-of-a-kind clutch bag in your own chosen color can be made by order. For information regarding price and colors please send an email to

2019 - by Elenbaas Atelier - photography by Cindy Bakker

The clutch shown in the photos is made from two types of leather. Black leather for outside and dark green suede for inside. A light finish was chosen for this clutch in particular, which provide a clear contrast.