Elenbaas Atelier works with leather suppliers from the province of North Brabant, in the south of The Netherlands. These suppliers exclusively trade in batches of leather remains from large-scale manufacturers. The leather itself is originally from Italian tanneries.

Leather and reinforcement
We work with cow, calf and lambskin leather with a natural grain. The leather species are carefully selected by terms of quality, flexibility and colour. For the construction of leather objects we use reinforcement. It is always hidden between different layers of leather and provides for solidity and volume.  

Hardware and supplies
We use as little hardware as possible. When we do use hardware, suppliers of high quality brass hardware have carefully selected it. Threads, glue and edge paint form the basis of every designed leather object.


The leather cutting process starts with making technical drawings of pattern parts. These different parts are then used to make templates out of MDF board, using laser-cutting technology. After that, the templates can be used to cut the leather using various cutting tools.

We work with an industrial leather sewing machine. However, the final stitches are done by hand to prevent the ends from breaking over time

The finishing of the leather edges is done entirely by hand. The use of edge paint requires patience, preciseness, several layers of paint and thorough sanding in between layers.

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